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Husband and father of two threatened with divorce, becomes a 6-figure successful leader, and still happily married after joining the Arrowsmith™️ program


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I first met Brian in early 2017.  His wife was considering separation because his behaviour is erratic.  He didn’t want this as they had two small children whom wanted to father. 

Brian had had a troubled life.  He’d struggled at school and often been in trouble for behaviour.  His family life as a young man hadn’t been easy, and there had been periods of living on the streets and some dabbling in alcohol and drugs.  He talks about how he hadn’t cared about himself, that he’d taken many risks and was lucky to be alive.  His main motivation for engaging in the Arrowsmith Program is that he wants to be a good father to his boys.  He enrols on a part-time basis, mainly exercising 1 cognitive function per year.

Brian’s original cognitive assessment shows this:

image 1

His current chart looks like this. I have highlighted the names of the functions that Brian has worked on since 2017.

image 2
image 3

Brian is happily married to the mother of his children and is now running his own 6 figure business. He is still working on strengthening his capacity to remember information and instructions but making progress. Well done Brain – you are amazing.



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